Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Thoughts of the Day

Everything is a learning lesson, And this health battle has & is one for me. Even this surgery & the recovery is one. Right now I'm learning that just as everyone is unique in how they handle things, react to life, they are also unique in how they recover. I think for me, I heard way too many people say they felt amazing right after surgery or they ate this or that. Not for me. I'm still not eating. I'm living off of jello (just to take meds) & icicles. It's going to take some time to figure out what works for my system. I'm down 62 pounds, as of today. I want to continue this weight loss, but I have got to learn what's best for my body. I'm only a week out from surgery & the Doctor told me to do nothing for a month. I only have 1 of the 4 incisions that really hurts now, so that's good. But D & Mom both keep reminding me that I did have major surgery & just resting is what's best for me. So, TV, Big Brother Live feeds, books & magazine are keeping me company. I'm so ready to be creative again, I haven't painted since March! This has seemed to zap all creativity from me. And I ache to have a paint brush in my hand again. Soon....

I'm sure everyone in Heaven looks forward to this day, because they know you are going to have the best bowling party there is! Eat a piece of carrot cake for me! Love you more! Miss you beyond!

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Gallbladder Gone

I'm going to try & blog this through pain meds...Let's see how this goes. Tuesday, I had my gallbladder removed. Mom & D were with me & I was actually at peace all morning. I had been so nervous, up until then. They called me back & got me set up for surgery. My surgery was over before it was scheduled to begin. The only time I had an issue was when I go to the OR & they strapped my body down, legs, arms & all, then put the oxygen mask on me, I felt like I was suffocating, I told them I was freaking out, a nurse & 2 doctors came over to calm me down. Next thing I knew I was in recovery. I dealt with such extreme nausea in recovery. They said they normally give 12 cc of phenergan. They gave me 55 cc's! And I was still nauseous.
I was so thankful that I didn't have to spend the night in the hospital. I was worried about that, because I have never had to do that before!
I have been home in bed since, Of course getting up to walk around has been a good thing. I'm not allowed to do anything for a few weeks until I go for my post op appt.
I just glad that thing is out & I have to learn to eat differently. I'm down 59 pounds, so far. I sure as heck don't want to allow that weight loss go to waste. So my eating habits will for sure change.I'm going to have to learn what works for me. I've had so many people tell me different things. SOme went right back to eating like normal, while others had issues. I still have to go see an ENT when I'm healed up to see about my swallowing issues. All I know is that I am ready to feel better. 2015 has been a real kicker for me in the health department.

Five Brides ~Book Review

When I opened this book & saw that it began October 1951, I was extra thrilled since that is the month & year that the greatest show of all time began...I Love Lucy. Being such an 1950's lover, I could see each detail in the this book, even if it weren't written, The way the decor was. The exact way their clothes looked, so it was truly appealing to me. This was my first time to read a book by Eva Marie Everson & Five Brides was such a delight! I loved reading each of their stories of how these 5 very unique young women came together to live in a small apartment in Chicago, living lives that just a generation before would not have been acceptable. My one complaint about this book, is that I felt that some of the 5 brides were given more attention & I wish all 5 of these stories would have been given the same. Plus I wish we would have known how their lived all ended up. I always enjoyed a knowing what happens in the future, so that would have been nice to see, not only how these women wore the dress for their weddings, but how their marriages ended up. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this book & would absolutely recommend it! Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I just needed to tell you a little something....You need to be constantly aware of the whispers from the Lord. There was a little hiccup yesterday concerning the payment of my surgery. I, in my usual worry wart self, began to start to freak out. Mom & D both said the same thing. "God's got this. He's brought you this far & He's not going to let you down now." I spent the whole time this AM praying, while getting ready to go to Pre-op. As Mom & I were about to pull into the hospital the car in front of us had this car tag "God's Got Me." I saw that & all I could do was laugh with Jesus. He's got me & He showed up. On time as always! So, with that being said.....Whatever you are facing right now, know...even though you already do & doubt likes to creep in. Things seem overwhelming. Keep trusting. Watch for His signs....Feel His whispers on the wind & hear His shouts! He loves you beyond! And guess what? God's got you!

UPS just bought me some happy mail! A new book to review! I don't usually like these sort of books, since it's not historical. Don'tcha know? But I'm actually looking forward to this one. #happymail #bookreview #bookreviewer #lizcurtishiggs #itsgoodtobequeen #queenofsheba #ilovebooks #ilovetoread

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I fully blame my mom for my latest addiction. Washi tape. Or as The hubs calls it "Shashi tape." #addictedtowashitape #washitape #hubs #hubster #honeyd #mom #papertape #fabrictape