Thursday, July 23, 2015

I just needed to tell you a little something....You need to be constantly aware of the whispers from the Lord. There was a little hiccup yesterday concerning the payment of my surgery. I, in my usual worry wart self, began to start to freak out. Mom & D both said the same thing. "God's got this. He's brought you this far & He's not going to let you down now." I spent the whole time this AM praying, while getting ready to go to Pre-op. As Mom & I were about to pull into the hospital the car in front of us had this car tag "God's Got Me." I saw that & all I could do was laugh with Jesus. He's got me & He showed up. On time as always! So, with that being said.....Whatever you are facing right now, know...even though you already do & doubt likes to creep in. Things seem overwhelming. Keep trusting. Watch for His signs....Feel His whispers on the wind & hear His shouts! He loves you beyond! And guess what? God's got you!

UPS just bought me some happy mail! A new book to review! I don't usually like these sort of books, since it's not historical. Don'tcha know? But I'm actually looking forward to this one. #happymail #bookreview #bookreviewer #lizcurtishiggs #itsgoodtobequeen #queenofsheba #ilovebooks #ilovetoread

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I fully blame my mom for my latest addiction. Washi tape. Or as The hubs calls it "Shashi tape." #addictedtowashitape #washitape #hubs #hubster #honeyd #mom #papertape #fabrictape

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I keep a bowl full of dog cookies on the floor next to the water bowl so the bitty buddies can get a cookie whenever their little hearts desire. I had noticed that I was having to fill the bowl more frequently & I wasn't sure why, until the other night. Everyone was in bed asleep, when I hear a cookie being taken from the bowl. I get up, turn on the kitchen light to see the tiniest mouse running on his tippy toes with this massive cookie over his head! He ran with it the other end of the house. The next day D is in his Superman room & I hear him running & squealing through the house, because that little mouse had just ran under the door into the closet. We set a trap & caught the mouse. But D needed to check the closet to see if there were any cookies in there. He found 2 & he "D cleaned", know what I'm sayin'? So tonight, Razzy keeps smelling under the door. I open the door to see if Razzy can find another mouse. Razzy pulls out a cookie & another cookie & another cookie. (I take them away since they are mouse contaminated) I get on the floor with a flash light & discover a quite organized cookie stock pile! This mouse was getting ready for the Mousecalypse!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hello, my name is Razzy & these eyes will getcha every time. You're welcome.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday, July 06, 2015

Everyone's judging someone. The conservatives are judging the liberals. And the liberals are judging the Christians, because the Christians are judging them. So, hence the liberals are judging too, right? Lordy mercy. *bang my head against a wall* How about we all just deal with our own stuff? Goodness knows, we have all got a lot of junk to contend with. Let's think on happy things. Look for the good in people. And stop ranting about this & that. Life is way too short peeps. And this shall commence the end my rant. Haha! *skips off to watch Lucy*